The FAA Traffic Flow Management - Application Integration Design Challenge​

Through the TFM-AID Challenge, teams will prototype ideas for an interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) design for FAA’s new automation system, Flow Management Data and Services (FMDS). The FAA is actively developing future requirements for FMDS to replace the current Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS) in support of air traffic flow management (TFM) across the National Airspace System (NAS).

The TFM-AID Challenge seeks designs for a proposed Graphical User Interface (GUI) that supports traffic managers (e.g., TMCs and NTMSs) in performing tasks with a more streamlined and modernized interface than they have today, thereby minimizing user training requirements. The scope of the TFM-AID Challenge will center on designing an integrated display to support traffic managers in an Airspace Flow Program (AFP) TMI scenario.

Based on the evaluation of teams’ Preliminary Design Review (PDR) packages, up to 5 teams will be selected to continue developing their projects into a Critical Design Review (CDR) package. CDRs will be presented by teams and evaluated by the judges at the onsite FAA TFM-AID Forum in late June 2023, held in the Northern Virginia / Washington DC Metro Area.

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Deadline: June 24, 2023

NOTE: All submissions must adhere to the FAA TFM-AID Challenge Details Document, linked below: 

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Deadline: November 7, 2022